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Tailgating with the big boys? Pick your location and find out the best recipes to make for your party! Don't forget to check out our GREAT RUBS, MIXES, and TOOLS!

Image Corned Beef &Stash Fatty w/ Bacon & CheeseSubmitted By: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick

This is a great twist on what folks on the Competition BBQ Circuit call a Fatty. A traditional Fatty with be a large Sausage Roll that is put in the cooker late at night to be eaten early in the morning with Breakfast. Later folks started stuffing with Cheeses and things and even wrapping with Bacon.

My version uses Corned Beef Hash instead of the Sausage and I do a weaved bacon wrap. This can be prepped up a day or two in advance and kept cool to it's time to Tailgate. Read More >>

Image Tailgators Scrambled EggsSubmitted By: Bryan Knox

I want to thank Jim and Jan McLaughlin of Wisconsin for this tailgating tip. I met this fine couple in Joliet at the Chicagoland Speedway and they had a great idea for personalized and ready to cook easy scrambled eggs. Here is what you do, and you can adjust the ingredients how ever you like. Read More >>

Image Peanut Apple-TizerSubmitted By: Bryan Knox

This is an awesome dip for apples. The kids will love it. It is simple to make and people will love you for making it. Read More >>

Image Atomic Buffalo Turds aka ABTsSubmitted By: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick

There's great debate about where the name Atomic Buffalo Turds came from but let's just say it came from them Texas boys and leave it at that. Whoever came up with the idea created a treat for us all so THANKS!

Some folks call these Jalapeños Poppers too. They are Jalapeños that are stuffed with Cream Cheese and other stuff and some times wrapped with Bacon.

These are easy and quick to prep before hand and then cook while tailgating for a treat everyone will enjoy. Read More >>

Image Grilled Shrimps & Vegitables Submitted By: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick

What we are going to do right now is we are going to go ahead and grill up some vegetables. We are going to throw some shrimps in there just because well, we like shrimps. It is summer time and they are in season. We are here at Virginia. But vegetables are a great thing to grill up because for one, they are good, they are good for you. You cannot just live by big steaks alone. The ladies love them, we are always looking for ways to make the ladies happy at the barbecue. Read More >>

Image Indirect Grilled Kettle WingsSubmitted By: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick

Nothing says Tailgating as much as Chicken Wings in my opinion. They can be prepped way in advance in a thousand different ways and Grilled, Smoked, Fried or cooked with just about any cooker you can get in a Parking Lot. Read More >>

Image Peg Leg Chicken DrumsSubmitted By: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick

Ok let me throw you guys a Bone. Chicken bone that is. What I'm going to show you can be cooked on every cooker there is on the market. You can straight up Gas Grill these, Indirect Grill on Charcoal Double Chef Cooker like I am doing Read More >>

Image Ka Honu's Sweet Li Hing Mui Dried PlumsSubmitted By: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick

When growing up as a kid in Hawaii we would always snack on Li Hing Mui. Li Hing Mui is simply a dried Plum cured with sugar, salt and Licorice.
They must be an acquired taste because now days back here on the Mainland I can't find a soul that enjoys them the way my brothers and I did and do.
In fact most people can't keep them in their mouth for more then a minute.

Image 4-Way Grilln' Wrench: Perfect NASCAR Tailgating ToolSubmitted By: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick

Being a Pit Master for years and now the Pit Boss here at I have seen and had many Grilling Tools and Toys but never anything quite like this.

The 4 - Way Grilln' Wrench is the most solid feeling cooking tool I have ever had in my hands. It's built like Automotive Tools are made and that's with a great design to achieve maximum performance and made of rock solid materials.

Add to that it looks like something right straight off Pit Road and in the Tool Box of your favorite Drivers Gear and what more would you want? You won't know whether to use this beauty or hang in on the wall with your other NASCAR stuff.

My very favorite [2] Two things I like about the 4-Way Grilln' Wrench is the fact that the Tips unscrew out for easy cleaning and changing and the Super Firm Grip Handles.

Oh, let's make that [3] Three things because the Spatula is sharp enough to make the 4 - Way Grilln' Wrench handle anything on the Grill.

This gets my hands down 100% endorsement and is a must have for any NASCAR Tailgater. Look for mine with me every time you see me cooking folks. Read More >>

Image Citrus VodkaSubmitted By: Bryan Knox

This is similar to the Italian Limoncello only orangier. It is refreshing and is dangerously easy to sip on a hot day. This has a much more powerful orange flavor than typical orange flavored vodkas. Read More >>

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